A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.  ~Josh Billings

I’ll try not to stray off topic too often on this page but sometimes things arise that I feel warrant a just cause to do so.  If you know myself or my family then you undoubtedly knew the family dog; Khaki.  Everyone is biased toward their own pets for different reasons but Khaki truly was a special dog.  My Mom, Sister and I went to look at a new litter of puppies 10 years ago.  As we walked up to the pen, one fat little ball of hair rolled out of the pack and collapsed on my right foot.  We decided that was the one.  My dad didn’t even know we were going to look at the puppies much less bring one home.  When he got home and saw Khaki for the fist time, he fell in love with her as quick as we did.  Over the next ten years, Khaki would continue to make friends with everyone that got the chance to meet her.  She was an adventurous dog; her favorite place on earth was the little river running through my parent’s land and the river was always calling.  We couldn’t take the canoe down the river on a fishing or hunting trip without Khaki tagging along.  She would play fetch in the river until she was so exhausted she could barely keep her head above water.  We couldn’t ride the jet ski on the river without her standing on the bank continuously barking until we gave her a ride.  Sometimes we would even come home and find Khaki soaking wet like she had been down to the river for a quiet swim all alone.  This past year, Khaki was diagnosed with cancer in her left shoulder.  On September 21st, 2010, she lost her fight and went to rest down on the river she loved so dearly.  Even though we lost a part of our family on that night, we’re extremely happy we got to spend the last ten years of our lives with Khaki.     Enjoy a few pictures and videos from the last 10 years.      -Luke Pearson

December 3rd, 2000 ~ September 21st, 2010