Redfish Can't Jump available for HD Download

We finished Redfish Can't Jump in January of 2010 and screened it for the first time in front of a packed Level 5 crowd in downtown Wilmington, NC.  Seven years later and we finally have the full length HD film available for download.   Thanks for everyone's support over the years.

Watch the film online HERE

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No Straight Lines

For the finale of Jarrett Bay Boatworks' 30th anniversary I wanted to create something outside of the marine industry box.  Something different than what other boat manufacturers were putting out there.  My goal was to tell the story of Jarrett Bay but do so in a way that made people think differently about how these incredible boats are built and the experience you have aboard one.  I collaborated with my friend and author, T. Edward Nickens (Field and Stream, Garden & Gun, Our State) to write the script.  His unique style of storytelling was a perfect fit.  After sharing with Eddie the direction I wanted to take the film, his prose helped set the stage for the final product.   Eddie and his son, Jack, also make a cameo at the :25 second mark while we were fishing aboard the Sensation.  I also wanted to show the archival shots from Jarrett Bay's history in a different way.  Instead of flashing up old photos or footage, I thought it would be more powerful if we projected the images onto the hull of their newest and largest boat build to date.   The unfinished, off-white surface provided a perfect projection screen for the images and the result was better than I anticipated.     Below are a few behind the scene's shots and the final product for a project I'm extremely proud of.  I hope you enjoy.

The Barkeep

The guys at Schedulefly continue their series of telling the stories of their customers.   Last month we were in Charleston, SC for the afternoon shooting a quick video about bar manager, Jared Chafin of Indaco restaurant.   Jared is a thoughtful guy with a strong passion for his work and the people he serves.  Enjoy.

30 Years of Jarrett Bay | Big Rock Teaser

I'm currently working with the folks at Jarrett Bay Boatworks to help tell the story of their 30 year history.   It's a fascinating story on many different levels; whether you're a fisherman, entrepreneur or just appreciate people building things.   Below is the first video in the series.  It's just a quick teaser to kick off the campaign and promote the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament starting this weekend.   It features Hull #1: SENSATION.    This boat was built 30 years ago and still fishes almost every day off the coast of North Carolina.     

Fear is a Liar. Be bold in 2016.

Adventure isn't always found.  Sometimes it's created.
And though the flight may be brief, you don't need wings to fly.
You may not always see eye to eye, but never forget which team you're on.
Trust is essential to growth; without it that first step never happens.  And although your footing may be unsure or the challenge daunting, don't worry because fear is a liar and failure isn't an outcome.  It's just a part of the process.     

-Jamie and Luke Pearson (inspired by Gage and Bradley)